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How do beginners choose the right e-cigarette oil?

First, from the following three aspects:
Smoke taste
Nicotine concentration.
The liquid base of the smoke.
1. Flavor, the flavor of the smoke is varied, but it is basically divided into three categories.
A. simulation of tobacco.
B. fruit and herbs.
C.mint flavour
2.Most close to real fruit flavor, but also is a good tongue, especially the mint, general novices fruit is better choice, It’s good to try all kinds of tobacco
Good smoke is not after the experience, the throat has dry and uncomfortable feeling.So choosing a brand is also very important.
Nicotine concentration.
Electronic cigarette smoke oil have points contain nicotine and nicotine content does not contain nicotine two kinds, including nicotine content from 0 mg (mg) – 24 mg is even higher, nicotine can according to your own cigarettes smoke oil probably measured, is generally not advised to choose a more than 18 mg content of smoke oil, choose high nicotine liquid smoke can cause throat discomfort, only a large amount of smoke are acceptable.
3. Liquid base for smoke.
The e-cigarette liquid base liquid is generally propylene glycol or glycerol, polyethylene glycol because the price is rarely useful, some offer choice some cannot choose.But note: if you find dizziness, nausea and other undesirable symptoms after use, it is likely to be allergic to propylene glycol, which is recommended to use glycerin as a base liquid.

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