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Tobacco Vape Flavor

  • E-liquid Tobacco Flavor
E-liquid Tobacco Flavor

E-liquid Tobacco Flavor

  • Name:E-liquid Tobacco Flavor
  • Brand Name: Xian Taima
  • Add Ratio: 5%-8%
  • Base:PG/VG
  • Description: Xi'an Taima professional manufacture e-liquid concentrate tobacco flavor for e-liquid.
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What is E-liquid Tobacco Flavor  ?

Concentrated flavors also known as vape liquid flavors which can make their own taste vaping juice.We have about 800 different kinds of high quality of vape concentrated flavors.There are seven series:Tobacco Series,Fruit Series,Mint Series,Gold Series,Fanta Series,Ice Series and Fruit Mix Series.Glad to browse our website,you will see a great range of different vape liquid /juice flavor concentrates here.So whether you prefer traditional tobacco flavors or popular fruity flavors even more cooling flavors, you will be able to find them here.

E-liquid Tobacco Flavor Usage:

Tobacco flavors' adding ratio is advised at 8%;

Mint flavors' adding ratio is advised at 6%;

Fruit and herb flavors' adding ratio is at 12%;

If you want to make 30ml tobacco YR4 flavor liquid, tobacco flavor mixing ratio is 8%, you need toadd 30ml*8%=2.4ml RY4 flavor, then can get what you need;

If you need to make 10kg Vanilla flavor liquid, fruit and herb mixing ratio is 12%, you need to add 10kg*12%=1.2kg Vanilla flavor, then can get what you need.

Why Choose E-liquid Tobacco Flavor  ?

TAIMA’s concentrate flavour products are specifically created for e-liquid manufacturing.

TAIMA’s concentrate flavour products exceed USP standards.

TAIMA’s selections of concentrate flavor liquid undergo a meticulous testing, retesting, and verification process to ensure optimum purity, uniformity, and quality.

How to buy Xi'an Taima E-liquid Tobacco Flavor   ?

1. Leave message and we will send you our flavor list.

2. Select which flavors you like.

3. We will send you a Proforma Invoice.

4. Payment by PayPal or Western Union or T/T.

5. We ship and send tracking number.

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