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Malaysian Mango Flavor

Across the e liquid market, people’s like to concentrate flavors differs greatly from different countries or regions.

For now, there are three main flavors widely circulating across the market: Tobacco taste, fruit taste, mint taste. These three are the featured tastes. And there are also some mixed taste besides the three.

People from different countries like different type flavors.

For example, Russian and Ukrainian like tobacco taste, Malaysian and Great Britain like fruit taste, American then is 50 to 50.

But even so, there is an interesting point shown from the very beginning:

There are some very popular flavors,almost appreciated by all customers, no national boundaries, no racial differences, no geographical distinction.

Today, I want to say one of them, our mango flavor. No, I should say mango series flavors.

First, for mango related flavors, we now have the following ones:

Mango, Aussie Mango, Malaysian Mango Flavor, European Mango, Asian Mango, Ice Mango, Mango Pie, Gold Mango, Mango & Cold Grape, Mango Lime, Mango Ice Cream, etc., all are very popular across the market.

Of these, European Mango, you also can call it green mango; Aussie Mango, you can call it Ripe Mango; Asian Mango then is between green mango and ripe mango, very interesting, right? Gold Mango is the same with Aussie Mango, but with higher concentration, twice at least. Malaysian like Mango very much, Malaysian Mango then emerged as the times require. Other mixed taste are as they are, selling very well.

Seems I’ve said so much about our mango flavors, any taste attracts you?

As the market requires, we’ve been studying and exploring all the time, so now, almost every day, we have some new tastes for our flavors.

If any taste the clients ask is not shown in our list, we always try our best to make it, this help us a lot, this should be the win-win cooperation, right?

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