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What are the preparations for Diy e-liquid?

Xian Taima pure liquid nicotine want to discuss the raw materials of e-liquid with you.

Vape has been popular for many years, and more and more people have joined the vape family. This article is written for new vape people who are just getting started. There are all kinds of e-liquid on the market, and many people like their DIY eliquid.
So we need to know the main ingredients of e-liquid.

1. Glycerin-VG vegetable glycerin

Vg provides more than 99% of the main smog, but because glycerin is particularly thick, if the content is too high, it may paste the heating wire.So you are ready to play with big smog:

Have to prepare high-power equipment.

2.Propylene glycol-PG

A thin liquid of water; mainly used for additives such as dissolving flavor and nicotine. Pg may bring “throat feeling” in the process of e-liquid, but it can be about 35%.The throat is mainly obtained by nicotine. Therefore, the players of the big smog are all playing pure vg.
After all, when the intake of large air intake is half, the throat feels up, and the cough is almost uncomfortable with the smoke.
PS: Some people like with a lot of pg, but the atomizer leaks. After all, the thin pg is thicker than the thick vg, and the pg is more difficult to seal.

3.Nicotine(Xian Taima pure liquid nicotine)

All people knew, nicotine is from the tobacco leaves or tobacco stems through at least thirteen procedures purification. Many people are always willing to buy pure nicotine to dilute by themselves, which can save costs. However, if you are a novice, it is not recommended to buy pure nicotine (1000mg/ml) ,because high concentrations of nicotine are highly toxic. You can try 36mg/ml or 72mg/ml and then dilute it according to your needs.
Tip: Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using high concentrations of nicotine. His presence provides most of the throat sensation for e-liquid. The advice for new people is that you should not try 18mg/ml or 12mg/ml or so.

4. Flavor

All the e-liquid can be no nicotine, but must be a variety of flavors.At present, there are at least eighty to nine hundred kinds of flavors circulating on the market. However, when choosing, be sure to choose a big brand, choose a reliable supplier, because dragons and fishes jumbled together, very affects the taste.

5. Other additives, including:


Vg is sweet, but it is only very subtle warm and sweet; not to mention eating directly, many people can’t feel it, that is, when inhaling, the tongue will dry out gradually. It doesn’t feel very sensitive. Therefore, a lot of fruity and beverage flavors and other sweet flavors of e-liquid will add sweeteners; the most common are ethyl maltol and sucralose, which can not only enhance the fragrance, but also enhance the overall taste of the e-liquid.

Remove sweetener

Ok, your tongue is very bullish; a lot of plain smoke, or smoke-like e-liquid will be added; the effect is:let the person who smokes not feel the sweetness of glycerin.

Cooling agent

I like cool taste but don’t want to cover the taste with mint. Adding cooing agent to raspberry, vanilla ice cream and other flavors is better than adding a mint flavor taste. Mint is refreshing, coolener is cold.

Of course, there are sour agents and other flavors that increase the flavor of tobacco and dried fruits.

This is just a brief introduction. Any questions are welcome to discuss.

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